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Excellent dental care for your kids.

At Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids Racine, our dental professionals offer outstanding care to your children. Proper oral health care is important for children and leads to a lifetime of healthy smiles and great dental habits.

Our experienced dental professionals want to make your child’s experience in our office great.

Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids offers a number of treatments to keep your child’s smile protected. From teaching habits that help prevent tooth decay to preventative measures like mouthguards for sports, our office is here to help your child keep their smile healthy for a lifetime.

Ready to schedule a consultation with our team?  Contact our office today and help keep your child smiling.

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Sedation Dentistry

Reduce dental anxiety and nervousness in children with dental sedation.

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Special Needs

Children with special needs can benefit from a trained children’s dentist.

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Dental emergencies can happen at any time, learn what to do here.

Services We Offer

At Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids Racine, we strive to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. To meet this goal, we offer a number of dental treatments to combat tooth decay and keep your child’s oral health in excellent condition. 

When you meet with our dental professionals, they will recommend services that will protect your child’s smile and prevent future problems that could affect them into adulthood.

On our website, you will find our patient education library to provide you with more information about these treatments. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly staff and we will be happy to answer these for you.

Our Mission at Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids Racine


Our office has one goal in mind, providing outstanding dental care to all of our patients. We will answer any questions you may have about dental problems and the related treatments, and strive to ensure that both you and your child are comfortable the entire time they are in our office.

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What Our Patients Say

The best review we can receive is a healthy smile from our great patients. Below are just a few of the great testimonials we have received from patients at our dental office.


Good services and good people

Maria A.

Friendly staff. The process was explained in detail every step of the way. Anesthesiologist and Dentist provided meaningful updates post procedure that were easy to understand. Overall this was a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work guys!


Very friendly, clean, didn’t have to wait long.

Terren C.

Friendly staff. They made my son feel comfortable.

Porfiria B.

I drove 40 minutes to Tooth Town Racine, and it was so worth it. EVERYONE WAS SO PLEASANT. I was nervous and unsure about Tooth Town. However when we finally made it I knew I was in the right place. They are compassionate and gentle with Children and Parents.

Buck D.